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No one cares!

I'm pretty bad at writing long, personal journals after this break - that's a good thing - but I really wanted to post just anthing here. Some of you might have wondered if I'm still alive or something. (No one would do it, but, hey, let's be optimistic!)
Let me put it this way: it was a hard, difficult year, but I think that leaving dA and Tumblr was a really good idea - so I could focus on real life, art and, well, different kinds of personal problems. I do miss a lot of people from here of course (I really, really do), but it doesn't change the fact I'm still to scared of the whole society of these art sites and that my time got really limited... Well, just I wish there was a chance to chat and Livestream with you guys again. Is it even possible? I see most of you left dA as well. A lot of things has changed during last 3 years. 
To sum up this year: Emil Karewicz wrote an autobiography (!), one of my biggest dreams came true - I have a pair of diamond doves now (!!!) they're called Algirdas and Julijona (obviously) and they have raised three wonderful babies already. When it comes to me, personally, have read too much romantic pieces and now my biggest problem is crying over the problems of the world that I can't do a thing about - politics and watching news have completely taken my life. 

Anyway. If there's anyone who, for any reason, misses me (haha!) or the art I made, there still are some ways to find me in this mess that we call the Internet:
My funny website
Furraffinity account (which is probably the most reliable way to contact me, as I try to check it every day)
I have a Weasyl account too, but out of honesty, I check it once a week or even less often.
I also check my e-mail daily. If you're a GG user, I check this communicator few times a week. 13643357
+It may take some time for me to answer, as I'm going to have a very limited access to Internet during the whole holidays. I've just started painting my diploma and I really need to focus on this project.

During the break I've completed my to-do-list (it's blank, first time in 6 years probably, so I simply can't believe it) and I'm going to submit some of these works here. It'll probably be a one-time action, though, I don't plan coming back here at all.

One more thing!! Dear Poles,
Pewnie nikt nie przeczyta i udziału w akcji nie weźmie, ale, naturalnie, każdy swój krzyż niesie i Grunwald wygrywa, to też i w tym roku idę(idziemy?) straszyć turystów na wawelskim zamku. Spotkanie 15 lipca, 12:00, brama herbowa. Serdecznie zapraszam nowych i dawnych towarzyszy! W razie pytań, jeśli kogokolwiek propozycja ta zainteresuje - proszę o kontakt przez notki lub pod podanymi wyżej adresami.

Thank you! 
Take care,
BlackScaled, Iagal, Jagal.
  • Listening to: Ewa Demarczyk
  • Reading: First generations of the Gediminids (!!)
  • Watching: The Vikings, Hannibal (??)
  • Eating: something that isn't made of dead animals
EDIT: If you were nice enough to finish a part of an art trade/commission/something for me (I can't really demand it, since I left this place, but I'd really appreciate that) I'll be checking dA from time to time. For some least. In the future you can contact me via e-mail: herrbrunner@wp.p. on FA… or on Skype/GG, if you know my nicknames/numbers there. I'll finish all promised drawings, of course - they're the main reason why I haven't deactivated this account yet.
Here's my to do list:…

That's a goodbye.
I don't want to talk about it, but I've just decided that I don't really belong to dA or Tumblr society 
So that's it, I'm leaving both of them. I'm sorry, but I - paradoxically - plan to work on my social anxiety and be more active. I want to start from the beginning, because I almost...forgot how to talk. 
For last two years I was stressed because of not being active here.
Who knows, maybe leaving this place'll help me in changing myself and starting talking to people. I'll do my best.

If you don't know my Skype/GG and wish to have contact with me - Please send me a note.
I'll still have my account on FA - so don't worry, if you know me on that website. This December I'll try to start being more active there.…

To people who still have an art trades with me - :iconkhaifer::icontegame::iconnerielmi: - I've started drawing my parts and I'll finish them as soon as possible. Don't worry, you'll get it.
It's the same with all art promised by me. 

Thank you for watching me. I wish you all best,

PS: W najbliższym czasie postaram się odpisać na komentarze i ogółem zamknąć sprawę mojego pobytu tutaj ........... a za jakiś czas może zdeaktywuję konto. Ale póki co tu zostanie. 
Great :icondrrrakonis: and :iconroyalthebat: created wonderful charity coloring books!
"We finnaly did it! We managed to print the colouring book!
After a year, with 30 artist taken part in we did it!

Our goal is to get funds ( very needed in the winter time...) for the Cracov animal shelter.

If you want to help, please buy our coluring book.
Our price is 3-4$+shipping, but we would be grateful if it could be more...

Thank you for your interest!

Also the help is needed with sharing this action with others!"

You can see examples and all needed information here:…
Thank you very much!

Haha, that probably sounds quite silly here, but I'd like to ask you all to exchange Friend Codes for Pokemon X Y!
We could battle or trade there! I'm collecting different friend safaris and Vivillons as well. So:
-If you'd like to explore my Friend Safari, here's my Friend Code! 4484-9142-9519 (Pokemon X, male trainer called Jagal) Please comment under the journal or note me with your code, if you add me!
I'd be really thankful for flying safari's (I NEED AN UNFEZANT. AND OTHER. BIRDIES.), especially, but I'd love to explore others as well!

-If you have any of these Vivillons: 
Garden,IcysnowArchipelago,Sandstorm,, Monsoon ,Savanna Sun, Ocean,Jungle.
I'd love to trade one for mine (cool, continental pattern with POKERUS, I can always train more - I have two elegant, modern and meadow patterns, if you'd be interested in them), starters, or some other Pokemon (I can add pokerus or some cool, mutant berries for free)! I'll be very thankful if you help me.
Do dzieła Prousta
nie dodają w księgarni pilota,
nie można się przełączyć
na mecz piłki nożnej
albo na kwiz, gdzie do wygrania volvo.

Żyjemy dłużej,
ale mniej dokładnie
i krótszymi zdaniami.

Podróżujemy szybciej, częściej, dalej,
choć zamiast wspomnień przywozimy slajdy.
Tu ja z jakimś facetem.
Tam chyba mój eks.
Tu wszyscy na golasa,
więc gdzieś pewnie na plaży.

Siedem tomów – litości.
Nie dałoby się tego streścić, skrócić,
albo najlepiej pokazać w obrazkach.
Szedł kiedyś serial pl. Lalka,
ale bratowa mówi, że kogoś innego na P.

Zresztą, nawiasem mówiąc, kto to taki.
Podobno pisał w łóżku całymi latami.
Kartka za kartką,
z ograniczoną prędkością.
A my na piątym biegu
i - odpukać – zdrowi.

Bardzo fajny.
Wisława Szymborska - Nieczytanie.

To do and waiting list (more or less) bo zapominam o wszystkim
Trades & promised drawings:
Filozof for RivenPine TO TERAZ DRUGA CZĘŚĆ
Redraw of an AT with rihny, uch dużo bólu
AT for Legend-of-Andragor 90% AT for tegame 70% AT with :iconkhaifer: AT with :icon1993mariola:
ACEO trades :iconnerielmi: :iconfuzzymaro: :iconluxdani:

Waiting list:
AT with :iconblacku-draws: AT with :iconlegend-of-andragor: AT with :iconkhaifer:  AT with :icondk-raven: AT with :iconuyahosyann: AT with :iconblajn: AT with :iconuru-tigre:, ACEO trades mentioned above
Commission from :iconhydraequus:
  • Listening to: Kaczmarski
  • Reading: Prus
  • Watching: Ber
  • Playing: X